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Cryptocurrencies are fast gaining traction in the world of finance. In today's digital world, people are increasingly buying into the concept of cryptocurrency as a new mode for monetary transactions as well as for investments.


Regardless of what cryptocurrencies stand for to you on a personal level, it pays to be in the know of this thing they call digital money. KriptoSlots commits to bringing the latest news on this hot topic. Be sure to check this space regularly.


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The Robinhood wallet will be noncustodial and multichain, letting users to store NFTs as well as access to NFT marketplaces.


May 19, 2022

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Industry leaders believe that crypto is more volatile than equities and so carries bigger risks, but it also provides larger return prospects.


April 14, 2022

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The Bitcoin market appears to be retracing the gains it has made since January as whales may be exiting and selling on centralized exchanges according to Glassnode.

Source: Coin Telegraph

May 09, 2022

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Crypto experts from various exchanges offer their thoughts on Turkey’s booming bitcoin scene.


April 30, 2022


12 new Bitcoin ATMs are heading to Austria’s MediaMarkt shops, following a successful Bitcoin ATM trial by Europe’s largest electronics retailer.


April  25, 2022


The fund will help early-stage NFT innovations that help the Web3 economy grow and thrive.


April 20, 2022


The State Security Board considers the sale of 11,111 NFTs a “high-tech fraudulent securities offering.”

Source: Cointelegraph

April 15, 2022


The dangers of this speculative ecosystem, and the largely unregulated crypto gaming industry, were brought into sudden focus last week when Axie Infinity was hit by a $615 million heist.

Source: The Indian Express

April 09, 2022


If SIPs cannot be automated, the more straightforward way is to deduct investments from income and park them in a separate savings account from where you may make investments.

Source: Money Control

April 04, 2022


The scheme, which has been in operation since May 2021, targeted Chinese users through social media groups and fake websites.

Source: Cointelegraph

March 30, 2022


Despite being in the works for over two years, India’s crypto regulations are barely scratching the surface for what the third generation of the Internet, or web3, will need.

Source: Business Insider India

March 24, 2021


The total volume in DeFi is currently $13.61 billion, 13.95% of the total crypto market 24-hour volume

Source: Money Control

March 19, 2022


DOGE, SHIB Price: Since 1st January 2022, there has been approximately 31.7% fall in dogecoin price while Shiba Inu price is down by approximately 35.5%.

Source: The Financial Express

March 15, 2022


South Korean crypto exchanges ban Russians while other exchanges have declined to do so in light of ethical concerns.

Source: Business Today

March 8, 2022


Ukraine is capitalizing on an unlikely movement to fund its military: meme investing.

Source: Business Insider India

March 4, 2022


Cryptocurrencies have long been the safe haven for cybercriminals. A recent report showing an enormous rise in crypto assets related to illicit activities is proof of that. However, there is an important trend that has emerged in the midst.

Source: India Today

Feb 17, 2022


Coinbase Global is giving its users the option to receive their tax refunds in cryptocurrency if they file using TurboTax, a software company.

Source: Business Insider India

Feb 4, 2022


Chartered accountants decode the crypto tax on matters including the date on which the tax becomes effective, the cost of acquisition and who will deduct TDS

Source: Money Control

Feb 4, 2022

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Elon Musk thinks Dogecoin is the future, and Warren Buffet thinks Bitcoin is rat poison, but there is perhaps no denying cryptocurrency is here to stay for a while, even as governments across the world attempt to regulate, monitor, ban or legalize it. 

Source: News 18

Dec 13, 2021


As 2022 is knocking on the door, there are some things you must know if you are thinking of investing in cryptocurrency next year. Digital assets are the most promising growth opportunities in 2022 as it is also one of the riskiest areas to invest capital. Do you want to invest in Crypto in 2022 but don’t know where to start the journey from? Discussed here are the top cryptocurrencies to buy in 2022.


Dec 12, 2021


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