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Nov 25, 2021

Grayscale sees a trillion-dollar market opportunity in the metaverse

According to crypto investment giant Grayscale, the metaverse may represent a $1 trillion-a-year revenue market opportunity, but without providing a time frame. Image via Grayscale

Grayscale, which manages $2.7 billion in assets, provided an update to its report on cryptocurrency market trends. Released last September, the research is intended to provide investors with information about the current state of blockchain technology and determine how digital currencies are likely to perform over time. Within that study was a section called “To the Moon and Back,” which discussed “the future of blockchain.” At that time Grayscale identified what it saw as the leading blockchains and their potential over a five-year period.

The Latest Update

The latest update to Grayscale’s report discusses some common traits shared by major digital currencies, while also attempting to provide investors with some basis for decision-making. “While digital currencies have historically come with high price volatility, we believe that it is premature to discount their ability to provide upside potential in any market cycle,” Grayscale stated.

“Digital currencies may never be a trillion-dollar asset class as some of the most ardent supporters suggest, but even if this industry captured just 1 percent of global wealth over the next five years, it would mean $90 billion in incremental value created.”

Grayscale’s report also sees a promising future for cryptocurrency markets. “We believe that the advent of blockchain technology represents an epochal shift akin to the birth of organic life on Earth,” according to Grayscale. “As more and more assets become tokenized and we move toward an increasingly digital global society, we believe this technology will fundamentally change the way we live.”

A history of Blockchain Startups

The investing giant noted that blockchain startups have raised roughly $1.8 billion so far in 2018, which is a record amount. “In our view, as enterprise adoption of blockchain increases over time, those blockchain solutions that are scalable, possess regulatory approval, and can effectively be regulated will become the most successful.”

As late as the end of last year, Grayscale was still identifying bitcoin as its “largest position” within its digital currency fund. The leading coin was given a weighting of 53 percent in December, down from 70 percent when the fund first launched.

“We expect many of these primary use cases to be developed over time,” Grayscale continued in its report. “For instance, we believe that global decentralized computing networks like Ethereum and IPFS will play an important role in the future of data storage and enterprise applications.”

Grayscale’s cryptocurrency fund rose nearly 10 percent over the course of last month. The fund’s largest position is now Zcash (ZEC), which it identifies as representing 13 percent of its holdings. Grayscale also has investments in smaller coins, including stellar (XLM), dash (DASH), and ripple (XRP).


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