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Cryptocurrencies are fast gaining traction in the world of finance. In today's digital world, people are increasingly buying into the concept of cryptocurrency as a new mode for monetary transactions as well as for investments.


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Source: The Financial Express

Oct 31, 2021

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak: Bitcoin is mathematical purity with a very trustable format

Bitcoin is mathematical purity with a very trustable format that cannot be modified easily with humans in control, according to Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. "Look at the US dollar, the government can just create new dollars and borrow; it is like you never have it fixed, like bitcoin," Wozniak told Yahoo Finance in an interview on October 29 endorsing the digital currency. "Bitcoin is mathematical purity. There can never be another bitcoin created. It is just mathematically pure."

Wozniak also believed that crypto can be used 'effectively' for payments. "Yes I am in that camp that crypto will be used effectively. We have so many digital ways to pay for things now." "Crypto just has a little bit of anonymity. I don't know if that's right that, I can do things without people knowing. It is hard to trace back crypto, though it is possible."

Wozniak had earlier also shown support for cryptocurrencies. Speaking at a technology event Talent Land Digital 2021 earlier this year in Mexico, Wozniak had called Bitcoin a "unique mathematical formula" and a "miracle of technology". According to a local news portal El Sol de Mexico, Wozniak stated that Bitcoin is better than gold. "Gold is limited and you have to look for it; Bitcoin is the most amazing mathematical miracle. I do not invest in Bitcoin, but I believe in it for the future."

In December last year, Wozniak had launched his second company after Apple called Efforce, a blockchain-based enterprise in the energy efficiency space. According to a company statement, Efforce is a marketplace that enables companies to undertake energy efficiency measures at no cost so that they can invest their liquidity in more critical tasks. The company had also launched its own cryptocurrency called WOZX to securitize energy savings. While Apple has been looking at engaging with cryptocurrencies, among public companies MacroStrategy followed Tesla, Square, Marathon Digital Holdings, etc., hold the highest amount of Bitcoins, as per Bitcoin Treasuries.



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